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Latest News : TLM awarded the “Elite distributor” status by Ubiquiti
Latest News : TLM authorized to sell TP-Link in Nigeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Somalia & Cameroon!
Latest News : TLM signed up a new distribution with HikSemi – A Hikvision company

Say Hello to Us!

Say Hello to Us!

Largest Master Distributors for Ubiquiti in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa

As an Authorized Distributor, you will get a high service level on all Ubiquiti products bought through TLM. We only sell genuine products, and we guarantee that the products live up to Ubiquiti’s standards.

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About Cudy

Cudy is a brand that specializes in providing networking and smart home products to customers around the world. They focus on delivering high-quality products with excellent price-performance and user-friendly features. Cudy’s vision is to provide a win-win solution for their partners, and their team has extensive knowledge and experience in product design, hardware and software development, supply channel management, manufacturing, marketing, and branding.

With over 15 years of experience in the networking industry, Cudy is dedicated to offering innovative and reliable solutions for their customers’ networking and smart home needs. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, Cudy’s products aim to make connectivity and home automation easy and accessible for everyone.

Advantages of buying Cudy products through TLM

As a Master Distributor for Cudy, TLM carries a full assortment of products Guaranteed genuine Cudy products

Manufacturer warranty with RMA Portal and great after-sales support

Drop shipment – we can send goods directly to your customers

Same day or next day delivery dispatch on in-stock items

Qualified sales team with many years of experience

If your customers need a networking solution? Cudy is your answer.

Start Buying Cudy from TLM

TLM is your one-stop distributor for Cudy solutions. We give you access to everything from the latest products to exciting promotions and educational material.

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