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Product Description:

Fast A3 scanner capable of capturing up to 240 images per minute. With network capability and 500 sheet ADF

Technical details:

  • Type – A3 Desktop Type Sheet Fed Scanner
  • Scanning sensor unit – CIS
  • Optical resolution – 600dpi
  • Light source – RGB LED
  • Scanning side – Simplex, Duplex, Skip blank pages
  • Interface – USB 3.1/ Wired LAN
  • Weight – Approx. 25.0kg
  • Power requirements – AC 220-240V (50/60Hz)
  • Power Consumption – Scanning: 66.5 W
  • Sleep mode – 3.5 W or less
  • Operating Environment – 10 – 35°C (50 – 95°F), Humidity: 20 – 80% RH
  • Noise – 54 dB
  • Environmental compliance – EPEAT Gold certified.
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Product introduction:

  • Optimized for customers who demand exceptional high-speed productivity, superior image quality and dependable feeding performance, this A3 scanner is robust, simple to use and performs quietly

Product Highlights:  

  • PRODUCTIVITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE – The image FORMULA DR-G2 series of scanners are designed to handle high daily volumes while upholding scan clarity and quality, and operate at high-speeds to digitize hard copies and maximize office productivity.
  • All three scanners benefit from a quick start-up time and can reliably scan upwards of 200 images per minute, with the DR-G2110 capable of scanning 240 images and the DR-G2140 290 images per minute.
  • HIGH-VOLUME SCANNING EVERY DAY – Users can handle volumes from up to 30,000 scans in a single day while batch processing multiple mixed documents simultaneously through the Active Threshold function. The DR-G2110 and DR-G2140 scanners make light work of demanding workloads by supporting up to 50,000 and 70,000 scans a day respectively.
  • SUPERIOR IMAGE QUALITY & INTELLIGENT PROCESSING – Scanning documents to a superior image quality for accurate digital data extraction can be relied upon, including barcode and 2D code recognition. Wrinkled documents and light-colored text can easily be sidestepped by the Active Thresholding feature.
  • Faint text and patterned background documents can be scanned and processed without the need to change settings, and advanced image processing automatically adjusts image brightness to render crisp, clear scans. The scanner also comes with Capture On Touch Pro software which has many powerful intelligent features yet offers a very user friendly easy operation, requiring very little knowledge to get started.
  • DURABLE AND RELIABLE DESIGN – Made from highly durable material, the image FORMULA DRG2 series is built to shoulder a heavy workload all day, every day. User-friendly design ensures media and documents fed through the 500-sheet capacity automatic feeder are safely returned through the U-turn paper path for excellent results every time. A robust paper feed system and efficient transport rollers handle a wide variety of document sizes and thicknesses, from business cards to A1- documents, thanks to the Folio Mode feature.
  • NETWORK CONNECTIVITY – For offices and users aiming to scan documents over a network without the need to connect to a PC, the DR-G2110 and DR-G2140 scanners connect to the network over a wired LAN connection for maximum efficiency.

Product key features:

  • Highly efficient, ultra-fast and capable of up to 290 images per minute
  • Optimised for heavy usage – can output up to 70,000 scans per day
  • Superior-quality images that are consistently crisp, clear and optimised for accurate data extraction
  • Automatically delivers quality images from varying colours, light writing and patterned backgrounds thanks to Active Thresholding
  • Scan mixed paper sizes and thicknesses, including business cards and up to A1-sized documents, using the folio mode feature
  • Designed with the user in mind with front feed/ U-turn paper path for convenient operation
  • Barcode and 2D Code recognition
  • Intuitive control panel, with clear message display screen and keys
  • Capture On Touch Pro software with many powerful intelligent features yet offering a very user-friendly operation.

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