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Product Description:

Smooth Cursor on any Surface. Work easily and efficiently with this HP wired mouse moving smoothly across any surface like wood, glass, paper, fabric, leather.

Technical details:

  • Connection type : USB Wired
  • DPI : 1000 DPI
  • Number of buttons : 3
  • Colour : Black
  • Supported operating systems : Windows XP/ 7 / 8 / Windows 10
  • Rating voltage/current : DC 5V/<80mA
  • Unpackaged product dimensions : 11.8cm (L) x 6.4cm (W) x 3.7cm (H)
  • Unpackaged product weight : 0.2 lbs (includes cable and weighting block).
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Product introduction:

This HP wired mouse is a great size for efficiency, comfortability and style. M160 is an example of quality performance and quality design!

Product Highlights:

  • Precise & accurate cursor control: The responsive USB mouse wired is rated at 1200 DPI, which allows for precise, quick, and smooth cursor movement with pinpoint accuracy.
  • The perfect fit for your palm:  whether you use this as a wired mac mouse or pc mouse, our mouse for computer will be comfortable to use. The ambidextrous design allows anyone to work for long periods of time without any wrist strain or discomfort.
  • Basic workplace essential: The corded mouse is a simple accessory to improve your productivity.                                                         With a 3 button layout and a scroll wheel.

Product key features:

  1. Using a stable optical engine to make your positioning more precise.
  2. Ergonomic shape design, reduces hand fatigue.
  3. Optical gaming mouse with built-in blue cool lighting effect.
  4. HP standard one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.

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