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Ubnt PBE-5AC-Gen2

Product Description:

UBNT Systems PowerBeam ac Gen2 5 GHz PBE-5AC-GeN2-US High Performance airMAX ac Bridge Dual-Band 25 dBi (4 Pack)

Technical details:

  • Brand ‎: UBNT Systems
  • Manufacturer : ‎UBNT Systems
  • Package Dimensions : ‎58.42 x 52.07 x 52.07 cm; 8.16 Kilograms
  • Item part number : ‎20
  • Batteries Included : ‎No
  • Batteries Required : ‎No
  • Manufacturer : ‎UBNT Systems
  • Item Weight : ‎8 kg 160 g
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Product introduction:

Model: PBE-5AC-GeN2-US (5 Pack) This kit has everything you need to create a perfect 802.11ac airMAX PtP link except for the Cat-5 cable with the PBE-5AC-Gen2.ÿ UBNT launches the latest generation of airMAXÿCPE (Customer Premises Equipment), the PowerBeamÿ5AC Gen 2, with dedicated Wi-Fi management.The PowerBeam 5AC Gen 2 ÿ(5 Pack)ÿdirects RF energy in a tighter beamwidth. With the focus in one direction, the PowerBeam 5AC Gen 2 blocks or spatially filters out noise, so noise immunity is improved. This feature is especially important in an area crowded with other RF signals of the same or similar frequency.

Product Highlights:  

  • Ubiquiti PowerBeam AC Gen2 PBE-5AC-Gen2-5 US 5 GHz High Performance airMAX Bridge 25dBi
  • Incorporating a dish reflector design with proprietary airMAX ac technology, the Power Beam AC is ideal for CPE deployments requiring maximum performance.
  • Management Wi-Fi Radio: The PowerBeam AC integrates a separate Wi-Fi radio for fast and easy setup using your mobile device.
  • Ubiquiti?s InnerFeed technology integrates the radio into the feedhorn of an antenna, so there is no need for cables to connect the radio to the antenna. This improves performance because it eliminate
  • The PowerBeam 5AC, PBE-5AC-Gen2 airMAX ac products offer improved latency, noise immunity, scalability and significantly increased 450 Mbps throughput performance.

Product key features:

  • Dedicated Wi-Fi Radio for Management
  • 5 GHz Frequency
  • 25 dBi Gain
  • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface
  • MIPS 74Kc Processor
  • Power, Ethernet, Signal Strength LEDs
  • Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic Antenna
  • 125 mph Wind Loading / Survivability
  • ±24kV ESD/EMP Protection
  • Includes Pole-Mounting Kit.

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